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It’s a community where you own your home and lease the land, which is covered by a weekly site fee. The benefits of owning a home in a land lease community is that it gives you access to all the resort’s recreation and leisure facilities and gives you the ability to avoid paying stamp duty, council and water rates. You also have the opportunity to claim Commonwealth Government Rent Assistance (if eligible) to cover a significant portion of the weekly site fee – more information is available at:

The community features a gated entry, CCTV and fencing. Best of all, The Outlook has a great sense of community with neighbours who look out for one another so you can feel safe and secure in your home.

Yes. We understand that pets are an important part of your family, and they are warmly welcomed at The Outlook. We do have a pet policy that governs both cats and dogs, so please ask the Village Manager for more information.

No, however you are responsible for normal service charges such as metered electricity, water usage, phone, internet, house and contents insurance.

Government rental assistance is available for those who qualify. To find our if you’re eligible, please visit this site.

Yes, you can install up to 2kW solar power systems that meet the specification requirements of the community. All solar systems need approval by the Village Manager and must be installed by a preapproved contractor.

Yes, your home becomes part of your estate. It can then be sold, or your beneficiaries can reside in the home if they meet the community criteria.

All newly built homes come with a statutory warranty and guarantee relevant to WA legislation. All other guarantees and warranties within your home are passed on to you at the time of settlement of your new home or when you move in.